Coming Home

Coming Home

Coming Home After A Cruise

Disembarking can be a pleasant experience, if you are prepared. We are here to help give you some pointers on how to make coming home after a cruise as smooth a process as possible. There's no rush to get off the ship, so you might as well enjoy your last couple of hours onboard.

Many cruise lines will require you to check in your bags the evening prior to disembarkation. On the last afternoon of your cruise, it's highly recommended that you sit down and make a quick list of items that you will need for the evening and for the next morning. You'd be surprised how many passengers rush to pack and in their haste, accidentally pack their clothing for the next day, passport and/or travel documents. Here is a basic list of items to put in your carry-on item for the next morning:

  • Identification - including passport, driver's license, photo ID, birth certificate
  • Wallet - including credit cards, cash
  • Travel documents - including flight itineraries, tickets, vouchers
  • Change of clothes for the day
  • Any valuables you're not willing to pack
  • Medications and toiletries
  • Sunglasses, extra pair of prescription glasses, extra pair of contact lenses
  • Light reading material

Once you have your bags packed, you can follow the cruise line's instructions on what to do with any luggage you want to check in. Usually you'll receive color-coded luggage tags - the color of the tags will determine when you can disembark the next day. If you choose not to check any luggage and instead carry all of your luggage off the ship yourself, you will be directed the following morning on when and where to go for express disembarkation.

Another good thing to know is that disembarkation usually takes a couple of hours, depending on how many passengers need to exit the ship. Hopefully you have planned any flights coming home at least 4 or 5 hours after the ship docks for disembarkation. Rest assured, the crew and staff have disembarkation down to a science and are very organized. Use the time while you are waiting to disembark as one last opportunity to enjoy a nice, leisurely breakfast onboard the ship.

Once you have disembarked, you will be directed to the baggage claim area and then to customs. After you clear customs, you will be directed to the transportation area.

Hopefully these pointers will give you a better idea of what to expect before you come home after your cruise. Call our Cruise Specialists if you have any other questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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